Bethel Discipleship

If you have always wanted to have a firm and basic understanding of God's Word, then this course is for you! We approach our study of the Word by seeking to understand how God is building His Kingdom across time and human history. We incorporate the overall outline of the Bethel Bible Series as the backbone of our study, but we expand further by incorporating each book of Scripture.

Our class time is comprised of an hour of lesson presentation followed by about an hour of discussion, Q&A, videos or other means of assisting us to apply what we have studied.
The primary requirement or "homework" will be to read the assigned Scripture before class. Our purpose is to know God's Word...and we accomplish that by spending time meditating on His Word.

Although the course of study is divided into four semesters (Old Testament I and Old Testament II; New Testament I and New Testament II), one may register for any one semester at a time. Although it is ideal to take the courses sequentially, it is not required.


New Testament Part 1 

Semester begins August 29th and lasts for 12 weeks
(our last class will be November 14). 
We meet each Wednesday from 10:00 am til 12 noon in the Fellowship Hall.

Our study this fall will focus on the life, ministry, and mission of Jesus as we hear the message of the Gospel in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

We will set the stage and context for our study of the New Testament during our first two lessons. We will review the history of the intertestamental period and discuss how the New Testament writings came together. If you are interested in studying the Bible in a structured and systematic way, then this is the class for you! Our Bethel Discipleship community is a diverse group of learners encompassing adults of all ages. 

Please let us know that you will be joining us by registering.  You may register through the link below, by calling our church office, or by emailing Phyllis Pemerton at


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