Wednesday Nights

 Wednesday Night Family Gathering
Provino's will cater October 18th

Adult and Student meal: Lasagna, 
 Salad, Roll, and Dessert
Children's Fast Food: Chick-fil-A Sandwiches,
Chips, and Dessert


Meal Reservations

Each semester there is a new mixture of adult offerings on Wednesday Nights at 6:15 such as: Christ and Culture Forums, Pastor's class, PresbyWhat?, Divorce Care, and marriage small groups.


Fellowship Hall Class

 CounterCultural: A Practical Look at Luther's 95 Theses - This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. As part of our church's celebrations, we-re offering this class as an introduction to the document that helped to change the history of the world. A young monk named Martin Luther dared to write down and post on the church door in Wittenberg some propositions for debate that historians identify as the catalyst for the Reformation. These "theses" were particular contercurltural in his day and age. However, those principles continue to be revolutionary today as well! Join us for a 5 week study as we seek to explore this subject and its significance for our daily lives. The class will be led by Rev. Bill Pardue. Resources will be available in the class and our church office to assist with the study. 

Couples Small Group

New groups formed as needed.  Please contact Rev. Bill Pardue at  for more information.